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Vintage series Master Pieces Veg Tan Nature

159 USD

Our veg tan nature in double croupon quality. We do it in different style stitches, minimum stitch, knot stitch, open or box stitches. Very nice nature color straps who gets darker and amazing patina with time. Slightly patina, raw cut edge. 4-4½ mm for long tail and short side done by triple vintage technique 5mm thick. Aquila series the first image, from left Lupo x 1, Lupo x2, .... Lupo x5. Lupo x1 is minimum vintage, Lupo x 5 most Retro vintage.

Mr. TipTop is a leather shop in Denmark that has been doing business since 1954. We continue to pride ourselves in creating leather goods entirely by hand without the use of any new age machinery. From start to finish our leather goods are created the old fashion way with precision hand tools and a boat load of experience. We are doing design watch straps, wallets, bags, belt and backpack.  Contact us for more info. Or visit our old website www.mrtiptopleather.com   Instagram #tiptopleather  and Facebook 
Please note our strap´s standard L is 130x80mm. if you like longer straps, let us know when you finish your order. We try doing our web-shop much better with time. Sorry if it s not so good yet.







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